I am a union official

I represent my union organisation to improve the rules of the company. I defend the interests of the employees and I am the main speaker of my employer for certain negotiations
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I am a worker representative

I express the collective economic and social interests of employees in my company
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I am an employer

I work on behalf of the company as a manager or in Human Resources
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Égalité professionnelle, politique de rémunération des salarié·e·s, emploi, formation professionnelle, gestion des parcours et des compétences, santé, sécurité ... La politique sociale d'une entreprise recouvre beaucoup de domaines mais améliore le quotidien des salarié·e·s au travail. Pour en faire l'état des lieux, émettre un avis ou préparer vos négociations, nos experts peuvent vous accompagner !
Alasdair McDiarmid
« Community trade union, and myself personally, have worked closely with Syndex for four years regarding the ongoing restructuring of the UK steel industry. The quality of the advice and industry-specific expertise we have benefited from has been second to none, and has enabled us to effectively challenge complex business plans and present alternative proposals that protect the interests of the steelworkers we represent. Syndex have continually demonstrated their willingness to go the extra mile and always seek to engage with local union representatives to understand the views of the workforce. »
Alasdair McDiarmid
Operations Director at Community Union